The LIBRE Initiative pushes for educational options in Georgia

The LIBRE Initiative recognizes how important education is to the success of each individual, as well as the future success of our nation. It’s essential that we prepare young people for the challenges that lie ahead. That means helping them identify and develop their talents and building the habits of lifelong learning. It requires recognizing … Read More

A missed opportunity to make it easier to earn a living in Virginia

By failing to pass a measure that would have clarified the rules for independent contracting, the Virginia legislature missed a golden opportunity in the session that just ended to make it easier to earn a living in the commonwealth. In an op-ed in the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star, The LIBRE Institute-Virginia Coalitions Director Michael Monrroy writes about … Read More

LIBRE’s approach to increasing access to quality health care for Hispanics in 2021

America has one of the best health care systems in the world, boasting cutting edge research, top-notch doctors, and state-of-the-art equipment. Nevertheless, our system needs reform. There’s a reason Americans report consistent dissatisfaction with the costs of care and how difficult it can be to procure. Hispanics, like all Americans, should have access to quality care at a … Read More

Immigration Information Session

It’s time for lawmakers to work together and approve a permanent solution for Dreamers and the countless communities they contribute to – this includes the nearly 30,000 Dreamers working as nurses, physicians’ assistants, and other health professions helping the U.S. battle against COVID-19.   IMMIGRATION REFORM: MODERNIZING OUR SYSTEM Throughout our nation’s history – both … Read More

National School Choice Week: A time to reflect on educational opportunity when families need flexibility more than ever

Now more than ever, flexibility within the U.S. education system is not just a desire, but a necessity. Parents and teachers are adapting to an ever-changing environment, and while politicians are making temporary fixes, we need long term solutions to a broken education system that promotes a “one-size fits all” approach to our nation’s future. … Read More

The LIBRE Initiative joins coalition to modernize immigration laws

For years The LIBRE Initiative has been encouraging policymakers in both parties to work together to find common ground on immigration, and to begin to update our outdated system. From enforcement to legal immigration, from worker visas to refugee policy, major improvements can be made to decades-old policies that hurts our economy, wastes taxpayer’s money, and keeps America from realizing its full potential. Many … Read More

Education Toolkit: New Mexico

Before this pandemic, increasing education opportunities for families was a top priority. Since the spread of the virus and the ensuing lockdown, it has become vital. The unprecedented shift to e-learning has greatly challenged families’ ability to access a quality education for their children. This difficult transition in many cases limited educational options and highlights … Read More