How reckless government spending caused the increasing inflation hurting Latinos

Until recently, the economy was booming and Latinos were reaping the benefits. Just last year, the media was declaring, “The future of homeownership is Latino” and writing about how Latino homeownership was growing at a record pace. As of October 2021, Latino businesses were bringing in greater average annual revenue than non-Latino owned businesses. Latinos … Read More

Three interviews that explain why the Left is losing Hispanic voters

Hidden within the avalanche of bad polling news crashing down onto President Biden lately is the collapse of support from Hispanic voters. A year ago, 55% of Latinos approved of Biden’s job performance. Today that number has fallen by more than half, to 26%! Hispanic voters now give Biden the lowest marks of any demographic … Read More

Cinco métodos efectivos para controlar el aumento de la inflación

La inflación está perjudicando a la comunidad hispana, pero podemos ajustarla con estas cinco soluciones.  Read in English here Si sus niveles de estrés han crecido por el aumento de la tasa de inflación del país, no está solo. El aumento del costo de la vida está cobrando un alto precio en los bolsillos de … Read More

The LIBRE Initiative at center of federal immigration discussion

To bring attention to the policy solutions that will improve people’s lives, promote the common good, and empower individuals, in 2021 The LIBRE Initiative launched a campaign to bring people together for a series of events across the country. Soluciones con Libre seeks to tackle the most pressing issues facing the country, including the economy, … Read More