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New Colorado TV Ad Urges Voters to Protect TABOR, VOTE NO on Proposition CC

TV Ad Anchors Multimedia Campaign by The LIBRE Initiative


(Denver, CO)—Today, The LIBRE Initiative announced a TV ad that urges Colorado voters to vote against Proposition CC. This ad is part of a broader campaign to protect the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights in Colorado. The ad will run on Univision in Denver up until Election Day. In addition to the TV ad, this campaign includes radio ads, mailers, digital ads, phone calls, and text messaging.


The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) limits the growth of government by guaranteeing taxpayers the right to vote on any statewide tax hike and making the government return money to taxpayers when it collects excess. If passed, Proposition CC will dismantle TABOR, taking away the mandate that requires the government to refund taxpayers. This November, Colorado voters have the opportunity to ensure that these protections remain in place by voting against Proposition CC.


Click here to view the ad.


Angel Merlos, Coalitions Director for The LIBRE Initiative – Colorado, released the following statement:

“Colorado is stronger with the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. When taxpayers have a voice, government growth is limited and Colorado’s economy is able to prosper. With TABOR, hardworking Colorado families have more money to put towards education, savings, and other priorities. The LIBRE Initiative is encouraging Coloradans to vote against Proposition CC this November to protect TABOR and ensure that Coloradans continue to have a choice in the way the state handles their tax dollars.”

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