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Nevada School Choice Ruling a Victory for Hispanic Families


Nevada School Choice Ruling a Victory for Hispanic Families
Other Legal Challenges Threaten Education Improvements

(Washington, DC) – A Nevada District Court has ruled that the Education Savings Account program created by the state legislature does not violate the Nevada constitution, as alleged in a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union. With other litigation related to the program still pending, some analysts say the state Supreme Court may ultimately have to resolve the legal questions. In the meantime, the state may not make payments as provided under the law, effectively taking away the educational choice many families had hoped for.

Daniel Garza, President and Chairman for The LIBRE Institute, released the following statement:

“Nevada acted to expand educational choice because the people and the legislature recognized that many public schools were failing their students, and families needed another option. A District Court has ruled that by empowering families to make spending decisions – rather than state officials – the program complies with the Nevada constitution. We are encouraged by this decision, and it should be a great relief to families who are counting on these reforms to give their kids the most important tool of success in today’s world – a good education. Notwithstanding this important first step, the path forward is still being blocked by parochial interests. Educational freedom for Hispanic families – who often lack the means to afford private schools – hangs in the balance.”

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