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Nevada Bail Reform Bill is a Step Forward

(Carson City, NV) – A number of members of the Nevada state Assembly have come together to introduce A.B. 325, which significantly improves Nevada’s pre-trial system. The bill creates a new structure for pre-trial decisions, basing them on a defendant’s risk, rather than relying on cash bail as a default. The bill sets out a structure for determining pre-trial treatment, including a requirement that the judge considers the financial resources of those released on cash bail.


Ronnie Najarro, Deputy State Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“Every American should be equal before the law – and that includes treating people equitably when it comes to bail. Instead of jailing people based on their ability to pay, the test must be whether the accused poses a flight risk or a threat to the community – whatever their income. For those who pose no such threat – and who have been convicted of no crime – it’s unfair to force them to risk their job, their car, or their home, simply because they cannot afford bail. We are thankful that lawmakers have come together to introduce this measured legislative response and we look forward to it being considered in the state legislature.”

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