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Mothers Are Hurting Under Bidenomics

May 17, 2024

Mother’s Day is typically a day to splurge. In years past it meant taking my mother out for a nice brunch, or a fancy dinner. Maybe both! But in this economy, it’s hard to justify paying the price for one restaurant meal that could easily pay for multiple home-cooked meals. I’m not alone.

Polls show that inflation, jobs, and the economy are some of the most important issues for the American people heading into a critical presidential and congressional election. Unfortunately, the response from Washington policymakers is what’s needed is more of the same. President Biden has dubbed his economic policies: Bidenomics.

According to the president and his allies in Congress, the best way to grow our economy is to create more regulations while borrowing and spending more money. As a single working mother making just enough to cover the basic necessities for my family, this form of flagrant irresponsibility from Washington is incredibly infuriating.

I can only imagine the look on the face of a landlord or mortgage company representative if I told them that I am going to skip paying so I could go on a massive shopping spree. It’s unfair to pin all of the blame on President Joe Biden, but you also can’t argue with the facts:

Originally Posted in El Comercio de Colorado