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More and More Americans Lose Faith in Our Economy


More and More Americans Lose Faith in Our Economy 

(Washington D.C.) – The Gallup U.S. Economic Confidence Index is currently at -12, according to today’s report. This follows the same declining trend since the beginning of the year. Many Americans indicate they feel the economy is getting worse — rather than better. This comes in addition to the Labor Department having reported that U.S. productivity rose by just 0.3 percent since last year. While the unemployment rate remains steady at 5.3 percent, the labor force participation rate remains low and outlook on the economy is not considered positive with 57 percent saying it will keep getting worse, according to Gallup’s report.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“It’s clear that the policies in place are not driving the economy forward. America’s confidence in the economy is continually falling and with good reason. Nearly 94 million working age Americans – a record high – are simply not participating, marking the worst labor force participation rate in 38 years.

Americans deserve policies that foster a brighter economic future, not billions of dollars in new government spending like Mrs. Clinton is proposing, or new carbon regulations under the Obama Administration, both of which are bankrupting companies and leaving American families without income. Americans do not work to line the pockets of bureaucrats or subsidize wasteful spending. The government needs to limit itself to ensure growth and not push forward the agenda of what a few think its best.”

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