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McAuliffe Denies Educational Opportunity to Latino Families

McAuliffe Denies Educational Opportunity to Latino Families 

(Washington, D.C.) – Governor McAuliffe has vetoed House Bill 1605, which would have created Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts in the State of Virginia. Under the legislation, families could opt to use a portion of the funds that would have been used to educate their child on a range of qualified expenses. Those include costs for a qualified private school, tutoring, educational therapy, and other costs.

Juan O’Leary, Senior Virginia Field Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“The Latino community stands to benefit greatly from expanding school choice in the State of Virginia – perhaps more than any other. Hispanic students currently make up approximately 15 percent of all Pre-K-12 students in the state and their number is projected to grow. The measure approved by the legislature to offer Education Savings Accounts to Virginia families would create a new and important opportunity for parents to get their children out of failing or substandard schools. It would have created a new way for parents to ensure that their kids have an education that properly addresses their specific needs. This reform has been adopted in other states, with positive results. It is deeply disappointing that Governor McAuliffe is more concerned with protecting the bureaucracy than serving the needs of Virginia’s kids, who deserve a world-class education.” 

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