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Martinez Licensing Executive Order is a Win for the Latino Community

Albuquerque, N.M.—Today, The LIBRE Initiative praised Governor Susana Martinez for signing an executive order that places regulatory restraints on occupational licensing requirements in the state. The executive order directs licensing boards to review all existing occupational licensing requirements in the state and provides that boards must supply additional justification to maintain an existing license if that license is required in only a minority of the 50 states. It encourages licensing boards to consider alternatives to licensing requirements where possible. New Mexico is considered to be among the states with more stringent licensing requirements. According to the non-profit Institute for Justice, the state has had the 9th most burdensome licensing regime in the country.


Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“All too often, people are prevented from achieving all that they can by the barriers that they encounter in their everyday lives. Those barriers should not include costly and counterproductive government rules that prevent them from earning, saving, and contributing more to the communities that they call home. Far too many Latino workers are missing out on valuable opportunities because they lack the resources to get a required license. At the very least, government should not impose these licensing requirements except where required for health and safety. This action by Governor Martinez will empower and enable more Latinos in New Mexico to succeed in their careers. When these unjustified institutional barriers are removed, Latinos are more likely to climb the ladder of success, and can do more to build stronger neighborhoods and communities.”

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