Get the latest updates from every stop on LIBRE’s True Cost of Washington Tour

LIBRE staff and activists gather for a photo after their True Cost of Washington Tour event at TODOS Supermarket in Woodbridge, Virginia. LIBRE offered gift cards to shoppers that covered two day's worth of inflation. They also spoke to shoppers about how Washington's wasteful spending was causing rising inflation.

In the Hispanic community, like in all communities across our nation, we are all trying to live out our unique version of the American Dream. 

For some, it may mean owning a house, a car, or even starting their own business. 

But as Heidi Hernández in Woodbridge, Virginia told us at our inaugural LIBRE True Cost of Washington Tour event on May 14:

This year has been incredibly tough on my family and I and it’s getting harder and harder to remain optimistic.  

The True Cost of Washington is making it harder for our community to live out the American Dream! 

A shopper at TODOS Supermarket in Woodbridge, Virginia speaks to LIBRE about how rising inflation is contributing to his high cost of living in 2022 and making it harder to afford groceries for his family.
May 14 – Woodbridge, VA: A shopper speaks to LIBRE about how rising inflation is affecting his family budget.

Historically high inflation rates are costing the average American household over $430 more a month   that’s over $5,200 this year.

But there are solutions we can advocate that will help lower the cost of living for the Hispanic community and all Americans:

  1. Invest in affordable energy solutions 
  2. Government needs to stop picking winners and losers 
  3. Cut red tape and regulations
  4. Stop unnecessary government spending 
  5. Embrace flexible work 

We’re presenting these solutions at each stop of our True Cost of Washington Tour.

May 14: Woodbridge, VA

Just a few miles from Washington, LIBRE held an event at TODOS Supermarket, to educate customers and the general public about the true cost of Washington on every day Americans  – and how rising inflation means that we are paying more for every day goods and services, but getting less in return. 

Shoppers line up outside of TODOS Supermarket in Woodbridge, Virginia to receive gifts cards from The LIBRE Initiative. LIBRE was giving out gift cards in the amount of two days' worth of inflation to help cover the high cost of living for shoppers.
May 14 – Woodbridge: Shoppers line up outside LIBRE’s True Cost of Washington event at Todos Supermarket.

To help folks during this stressful and economically challenging times, we were happy to extend a gift card to folks with an amount of $28.67– the approximate cost of inflation for two days’ worth of spending. 

LIBRE-Virginia Coalitions Director Michael Monrroy spoke to Univision at the event:

In June, LIBRE will host events in Arizona and Nevada with more dates still to come! Stay tuned. 

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