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LIBRE Texas Opposes Taxpayer Funded Lobbying

LIBRE Texas Opposes Taxpayer Funded Lobbying

LIBRE Texas Opposes Taxpayer Funded Lobbying

Urges Lawmakers to Take Immediate Action this Legislative Session

(Austin, TX) – Today, the LIBRE Initiative – Texas, a group committed to empowering the Latino community, expressed their support for House Bill 749, legislation that would prohibit the use of public funds to hire Austin-based lobbyists.

According to a study by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, some local governments spent as much $41 million in 2017 on outside firms and individuals to lobby the Texas legislature.

Jorge Martinez, coalitions director for The LIBRE Initiative – Texas issued the following statement in support of House Bill 749:

“At a time when the Hispanic community in Texas is struggling to make ends meet and keep more of our hard-earned money to save, spend, and invest as we see fit, the last thing we need is to have our tax dollars going to pay for Austin-based lobbyists who advocate to raise our taxes. These same lobbyists work against our community creating barriers to real tax relief, just like they did in 2019 on property tax reform.”

Martinez went on to add:

“The time has come to end this antiquated and costly practice that makes it more difficult for Texas to grow and create opportunity for more and more of its people. We urge quick and immediate consideration of House Bill 749.”