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LIBRE: LIBRE Executive Director Daniel Garza Appears on Fox News’ Power Play

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LIBRE Executive Director Daniel Garza Appears on Fox News' Power Play

(Washington, D.C) – LIBRE Executive Director Daniel Garza was a guest on Fox News' Power Play on Friday, August 16. Below are excerpts of the interview.


"If you're engaging the Hispanic community on free enterprise and free markets – also social conservative values – that's what they're interested in. Like all Americans, they're interested in kitchen table issues – things that impact them. And the economy is of huge importance to the Hispanic community."


"The Hispanic community needs to hear voices from the conservative side – the conservatarian side – about these kinds of issues. For the longest time the Hispanic community has been hammered with messaging coming from progressive non-profit organizations – unions of course, A-list Hollywood folks –  pop culture has been hammering them with liberal messaging. Now I think conservatives are finding themselves to be in the battle to convert them back over to a lot of these conservative principles – which we feel we can engage on and win on, because we hold the moral advantage on these issues."


The entire program may be viewed online here. The interview with Mr. Garza begins at the 21:00 minute mark.

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