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LIBRE Initiative’s Rachel Campos-Duffy Encourages Conservatives to Engage with the Latino Community

LIBRE Initiative's Rachel Campos-Duffy Encourages Conservatives to Engage with the Latino Community

Stronger Voter Education and Outreach Needed in Urban Areas


Rachel Campos Duffy and Rick Aguilar

(Washington, DC) – Over the weekend, the LIBRE Initiative National Spokesperson Rachel Campos-Duffy encouraged conservative outreach to the Hispanic community at the Latino Voter Outreach Midwest Conference. Mrs. Campos-Duffy served as the keynote speaker at the event, which attracted more than 100 conservatives from around the region.

The LIBRE Initiative National Spokesperson Rachel Campos Duffy said:

"The Midwest Conference was a fantastic event.  When my grandparents came to America they were looking for freedom and liberty, not entitlements. It is now my turn to fight for the America I want for my children, a place where hard work, perseverance, and personal responsibility can grant you the American dream. Conservatives need to adjust their message and tone when talking to Latinos. Convince a mother and you can win a family. Our movement needs to hit the streets, doors, and phones and have those one-on-one conversations and make the case for conservative ideas." 

Mrs. Campos-Duffy used this conference speaking opportunity to talk about LIBRE's mission to inform the Hispanic community about the principles of economic freedom that lead to prosperity, and to encourage other conservatives to expand their educational and outreach efforts. She highlighted her personal experience, and noted the importance of policies that encourage and reward personal responsibility, entrepreneurship, and hard work.

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