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LIBRE Initiative releases new multi-million dollar campaign targeting Latinos along with new image

July 1, 2024

A political group affiliated with billionaire and mega-donor Charles Koch, launched a seven-figure campaign to reach Latinos in seven different states.

The Libre Initiative, as the group is known, released a new website Monday, along with a video and the official debut of “Sabor a Freedom,” its Spanish-language podcast. The group is best known for its advocacy of free-market policies on Hispanic communities.

The video podcast had a soft launch in March, with an episode featuring Mexican TV chef Pati Jinich commemorating International Women’s Day, where the chef discussed her immigrant story while teaching Cesar Grajales, the host to make sopa de tortilla.

Last week, the group also released a video titled “Vive tu American Dream,” featuring Libre President Daniel Garza’s backstory through the foundation of Libre in 2011.

“People come to America to achieve their aspirations — and the Latino community has been no different,” Garza says in the video. “Critical to a strong America is a strong Latino community— and vice versa. We are interdependent on each other.”

Originally Published in The Latin Times