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The LIBRE Initiative Launches Right to Work Ad in New Mexico

(Las Cruces, NM)—Today, The LIBRE Initiative launched a radio ad in support of right-to-work in Doña Ana County. Doña Ana has the opportunity to become the 9th county in New Mexico to pass right-to-work. The LIBRE Initiative is encouraging New Mexicans in Doña Ana to urge their County Commissioners to embrace worker freedom and pass right-to-work.


Michael Aguilar, New Mexico Field Director, released the following statement:

“Hispanics in New Mexico deserve the freedom to grow their careers and provide for themselves and their families without being forced to pay dues as a condition of employment. Right-to-work legislation protects First Amendment rights of workers and enables Hispanics and all New Mexicans to pursue their individual American dreams. This is why The Libre Initiative is encouraging Doña Ana County to stand up for its workers and pass right-to-work.”

Listen to the radio ad HERE


Below, find a translation of the radio ad. Note the ad is running in Spanish only.


English Translation


Hi, I’m Carlos with The LIBRE Initiative.


Are you aware of the recent Supreme Court decision on public sector unions?


  1. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the First Amendment rights of workers, stating unions could no longer compel or force public employees to pay dues or fees as a condition of employment. Now is the time to protect all workers, and bring back the jobs we need.


Right-to-work is right for Doña Ana County.


Worker freedom means more money in our pockets and more choices and jobs for New Mexicans.


Doña Ana could be the 9th county in New Mexico to pass right-to-work. Go to NewJobsNewMexico.com to tell your Doña Ana County Commissioners to pass right to work as soon as possible. Again, that’s NewJobsNewMexico.com.


Spanish Version


Hola, soy Carlos con La Iniciativa LIBRE.


¿Conoce la decisión reciente de la Corte Suprema sobre las uniones del sector público?


La Corte ha decidido a favor de la Primera Enmienda para los derechos de los trabajadores, declarando que los uniones ya no podían obligar o forzar a los empleados públicos a pagar cuotas o honorarios como condición para el empleo. Ahora es el momento de proteger a todos los trabajadores y recuperar los empleos que necesitamos.


El derecho al trabajo es para el condado de Doña Ana.


La libertad para trabajar significa más dinero en nuestros bolsillos, más opciones y más empleos para los Nuevos Mexicanos.


Doña Ana podría ser el noveno condado en Nuevo México en pasar derecho a trabajar. Vaya a NuevosTrabajosNM.com para decirle a los comisionados del condado de Doña Ana que pasen directamente al trabajo lo antes posible. De nuevo, eso es NuevosTrabajosNM.com.

For interviews with a representative from the LIBRE Initiative, please contact Brian Faughnan, 202-805-1581 or Wadi Gaitan, 202-853-4463