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The LIBRE Initiative Completes 2015 Back to School Series with Virginia Event

The LIBRE Initiative Completes 2015 Back to School Series with Virginia Event

(Washington D.C.) – In preparation for the upcoming school year, The LIBRE Initiative – along with its sister organization The LIBRE Institute – held a total of 17 Back to School events across seven states, all with the goal of providing Hispanic families with the tools they need to succeed. The most recent event was held this past Saturday at Rose Hill Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia, where volunteers provided backpacks and school supplies to students. Field directors in other states organized and hosted Back to School events similar to this – starting in late July – to provide not only essential school supplies, but also services such as haircuts, all while spreading the word of empowerment through limits on costly government taxes and regulation. Through these events, The LIBRE Initiative and The LIBRE Institute were able to provide supplies and services to over three thousand families.

CLICK HERE for photos of The LIBRE Initiative’s 2015 Back to School events

Daniel Garza, Executive Director for The LIBRE Initiative and Chairman of The LIBRE Institute released the following statement:

“It has always been our commitment at The LIBRE Initiative and The LIBRE Institute to provide the Hispanic community with the tools for success. Through our back to school events – along with community partners around the country – we have assisted many who may have limited resources, in order to ensure their children are better prepared for a new year of learning.

Along with backpacks and school supplies, we offer parents the chance to learn how we are working alongside the Hispanic community to help them thrive. Education is one of the most important keys to success, so to spread the message about the values that make both individuals and their families more prosperous has been one of our biggest – and most rewarding – endeavors.”

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