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LIBRE-FL Testifies in Support of SB 48: Bill to Expand Educational Freedom

(Tallahassee, FL) –  Yesterday, Cesar Grajales, public affairs director for The LIBRE Initiative, testified in front of the Florida Senate Education Committee in support of SB 48, a bill that would expand educational freedom and streamline the state’s scholarship programs for Florida students and families.

Watch the complete testimony here.

From the testimony:

“Now more than ever we need legislation that will make it easier for families, including Latino families, to exercise greater educational choice.”

“By streamlining the current scholarship system, Florida families will be better able to navigate and make sense of Florida’s educational system…The LIBRE Initiative supports the passage of SB 48.”


On Senate Bill 48

Manny Diaz bill would expand eligibility, maximize parental choice in K-12 scholarship programs