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LIBRE Executive Director Daniel Garza in The Daily Caller: “Obama’s ‘Opportunity Agenda’ is a dangerous equality scheme”

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February 3, 2014

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LIBRE Executive Director Daniel Garza in The Daily Caller:

"Obama's 'Opportunity Agenda' is a dangerous equality scheme"


(Washington, D.C) – Read excerpts below of Daniel Garza's op-ed published in The Daily Caller:

Blaming inherited wealth for joblessness and poverty is a convenient distraction from the administration's inability to stimulate job growth and its ineptitude in designing the Affordable Care Act, but those who cherish freedom should be deeply concerned.


Capitalism did not give rise to poverty. To the contrary, it was the advent of American-styled democracy and the development of our free market system that enabled widespread prosperity, unprecedented personal wealth and material abundance. For all our current economic woes, the United States remains by far the world's wealthiest nation, with more capital and material wealth than the world's four next richest nations combined.

Consider that, according to the World Bank economist Branko Milanovic, an individual earning $34,000, after taxes, is among the world's wealthiest 1 percent; the median household income in the United States, for all our economic stagnation, is $53,046.


The fight to end poverty – a central moral issue, to be sure – requires not a command strategy of handouts and rules, but a bottom-up approach that encourages work, self-discipline and civic engagement. Together with faith and family, these are the components of personal fulfillment and economic well-being.


At the heart of income inequality and unemployment is a central reality: people aren't getting hired because employers are unsure of prospects for sustained growth. With the president focused on green energy loans, corporate bailouts, Promise Zones and Obamacare, who can blame them.

To blame the free enterprise system for the malaise of the Obama economy is like strangling the goose that laid the golden egg, only to curse the carcass for not producing more.


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