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LIBRE, AFP and CVA to Congress: COVID-19 Response Should be Targeted, Temporary, and Free from Politics

Today, The LIBRE Initiative, an organization committed to empowering the Hispanic community, joined Americans For Prosperity and Concerned Veterans for America to send a letter to congressional leaders and all Members of Congress on how they ought to respond to contain Covid-19 and its impact on the economy.

The letter, signed by The LIBRE Initiative President Daniel Garza, AFP Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner, CVA Executive Director Nate Anderson, in part reads:

As policymakers consider measures to control the spread of the Coronavirus and ameliorate its impacts, it is imperative that the policies put into place do not cause more problems than they solve. 

We therefore urge Congress and the White House to ensure that any response to the current crisis be guided by the following criteria, which will help focus the relief on the people who need it now and ensure our nation is able to address our current challenges and be stronger when the crisis passes.

To read the entire letter, click here.