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Legal Immigration Benefits the Economy and the Nation

Legal Immigration Benefits the Economy and the Nation

(Washington, D.C.) – Several U.S. senators joined with the president today to endorse legislation that dramatically reduces legal immigration and focuses it on skilled workers. The president called for “real and positive immigration reform” during his address to Congress this past February.

Daniel Garza, president of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“We have long said that the flaws in our immigration system cannot be addressed with executive actions alone, but require a broader debate in Congress. We welcome any positive step in this direction, and we encourage all sides to propose and debate the best ideas for strengthening our economy, addressing the status of those here in violation of current immigration law, and enhancing border security.

The evidence is clear. Ever since our nation was founded, the vast majority of immigrants have helped to increase America’s wealth and quality of life, and they continue to do so today due in large part to the ability of our free market system to turn their industrious and productive capacities into economic growth. Reforming our legal immigration system by making it more responsive to market forces – not less – is the way to deliver real results for the American people. If key sectors of our economy – from agriculture to technology – cannot hire the workers they need to thrive, all Americans will suffer from a weaker economy.

Our immigration policy should continue to welcome immigrants who want to better their lives and make our economy stronger, while keeping out those who only wish to exploit others or do us harm.”

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