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Left-Leaning Poll Confirms What We Have Been Saying: The Biden Economy Is Top Concern For Latinos

December 8, 2023

Arlington, VA – A recent poll conducted by UnidosUS shows that the top concern for the Latino electorate is inflation/rising cost of living (54%) as well as the jobs and the economy (44%).

This poll, from a left-of-center organization, continues to demonstrate that Hispanics are not seeing the thriving economy described by President Joe Biden. The poll echoes a poll commissioned by The LIBRE Institute where: “84% of Hispanics agree inflation has adversely impacted their quality of life. This sentiment cuts across party lines, with 91% of Republicans, 88% of Independents, and 79% of Democrats expressing agreement.”

Jose Mallea, CEO of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

“Contrary to the narratives from the Biden Administration, the rising cost of living and goods continues to be a top burden for hard working Latino families. Poll after poll, from the left and right, show that individuals and families are not satisfied with our economy. The personal impact of inflation resonates deeply with Hispanic voters, underlining its significance as a key issue. It’s time for President Biden to recognize that big government policies are not the solution and reach across the aisle to enact pro-growth policies that will create lasting economic opportunity and prosperity for all Americans – including our country’s growing Hispanic community.”