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Latinos Are Not Thriving Under Bidenomics

Latinos Are Not Thriving Under Bidenomics

Latino Advocacy Organization Urges White House and Congress to Enact Pro-Growth Economic Policies

ARLINGTON, VA — The LIBRE Initiative, a group committed to empowering the Latino community, is challenging the White House’s premise that President Joe Biden’s economic policies, or Bidenomics, is helping Latinos in the U.S. thrive.

As the country’s leading Latino organization committed to promoting pro-growth economic policies, LIBRE is educating the Latino community on why runaway federal spending and top-down economic policies are resulting is stagnant wages, high inflation, and much economic uncertainty for all Americans – including Hispanics and Latinos living in the U.S. 

Daniel Garza, founder and president of The LIBRE Initiative, issued the following statement:

“While President Biden believes that this economy is amazing and all is next to perfect, the truth is that Bidenomincs is failing Latino families who are facing a sluggish economy plagued by high inflation and a devalued dollar – All while lacking economic opportunity and sufficient wage growth.

President Biden is removed from the reality that millions of Hispanics have been enduring the hardships of high energy prices, high gasoline prices, high food prices, and an inordinately costly credit environment.

Biden’s economic polices empower the government not people. This administration chooses to subsidize non-work, instead of inducing productivity while picking winners and losers in the marketplace. They empower organized labor supporters while leaving Hispanics, and fellow Americans, with a daily battle to overcome tough times as they work hard to achieve financial stability and growth. Latinos are tired of Biden’s messaging games, it’s time for real solutions.