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Latino Advocacy Group Applauds U.S. House for Approving Bipartisan Legislation Choice in Automobile Retail Sales Act

December 13, 2023

Today, The LIBRE Initiative, a national Latino advocacy organization committed to empowering the Latino community, praised the U.S. House of Representatives for approving the bipartisan Choice in Automobile Retail Sales Act, or CARS Act for short.

The bipartisan bill was approved by a vote of 221-197 and was introduced by Congressman Tim Walberg (MI-05) and Andrew Clyde (GA-09), that would, among other things, prohibit the Biden administration from limiting consumer choice when it comes to car shopping. By 2032, the federal government will require new emission standards for light and medium-duty vehicles.

Jose Mallea, CEO of The LIBRE Initiative, issued the following statement:

“Stopping executive overreach by preventing the implementation of regulations that seek to limit consumer choice, and instead allowing consumers to choose the vehicle that best meets their needs, is what economic freedom and opportunity is all about. 

We commend the U.S. House of Representatives for approving this bipartisan bill which is a win for consumer choice and consumer freedom for all Americans – including our country’s growing Latino community, which increasingly represents a larger share of the population buying automobiles.”


This legislation will ensure that no state is able to arbitrarily limit the choices that Americans have when selecting the vehicle that best meets their needs and those of their businesses.

California, which already struggles to meet the electric energy needs of its residents, is attempting to impose its misguided energy policies on businesses and consumers nationwide. 

Our sister organization, Americans for Prosperity, has more information on this bill below:

By banning the sale of combustion engines in 2035, California would use its status as one of the largest automobile markets in the country to make automakers remove combustion engines from their vehicles.  H.R. 1435 will ensure that Congress and the American people, not state legislatures, are in the driver’s seat when it comes to our nation’s energy policy.

By banning internal combustion engines California would stifle economic opportunity, exacerbate energy poverty, and undermine our nation’s federalist system.  

Electric vehicles are significantly more expensive to produce, and through cross subsidization these higher costs are effectively passed on to purchasers of gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. Electric vehicles are also significantly heavier than fuel powered vehicles, meaning they produce more violent collisions. In short, California’s elimination of consumer choice imposes clear costs on everyone – more dangerous roads and less affordable cars for all consumers.