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Largest Center Right Latino Organization in Texas Applauds Rep. Jacey Jetton for Introducing ESA Legislation

Largest Center Right Latino Organization in Texas Applauds Rep. Jacey Jetton for Introducing ESA Legislation

The LIBRE Initiative Will Mobilize Texas’ Latino Community in Support of Educational Freedom

(Austin, TX) – Today, The LIBRE Initiative, an organization founded in Mission, TX and committed to empowering the Latino community, expressed support for State Rep. Jacey Jetton’s Education Savings Accounts (ESA) legislation that will come before the Texas Legislature in the coming weeks.

In support of the legislation, LIBRE TX will run digital ads in districts with a high concentration of Latino constituents and will mobilize Latino activists and volunteers across the state.

Raul Espinoza, strategic director for The LIBRE Initiative, issued the following statement:

“As every parent knows, every child learns differently. What works for one child, may not work for another. Unfortunately, Texas’ educational system makes it incredibly hard for families to customize an education plan that works for each of their children.

But now thanks to State Rep. Jacey Jetton and a growing number of Texas lawmakers, there is growing momentum to enact ESAs and in so doing, give families greater choice in using their education tax dollars for their child’s education.

Every Texas family will benefit from this choice including Texas’ Latino community who has been clamoring for greater choice. Poll after poll shows that Latinos want to have a greater say in sending their child to the best possible school in their area – whether it’s a different public school or a private school.

Texas is falling behind from providing families with choice in education, and it’s imperative that we seize on this opportunity without delay.”

Espinoza continued:

“To ensure that ESAs are enacted, we will marshall the full force of our volunteers and activists all across the state to make sure that lawmakers in Austin hear loud and clear that the Latino community is demanding educational freedom – now!”


The LIBRE Institute recently unveiled its findings from a poll of more than 1000 registered Latino voters and found that there is overwhelming support for ESAs and educational freedom. Click here to read the findings.

LIBRE TX has been mobilizing their grassroots communities across the state since January and fighting for Education Savings Accounts during the regular session. LIBRE TX and its activists have hosted community events statewide and talked to hundreds of thousands of Texans at their front doors and over the phone. LIBRE TX has been running digital ads in areas of a high concentration of Latino voters so that they can contact their representatives in support of ESAs.