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Jones Act Waiver Welcome, But Permanent Reform Needed

(Washington, D.C.) – This morning the White House announced a temporary waiver of the Jones Act to help expedite and streamline relief and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, in the wake of damage caused by Hurricane Maria. The waiver is for 10 days, and will cover all products being shipped to Puerto Rico, according to reports.

Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“We are encouraged that the White House is working with Governor Rossello of Puerto Rico to streamline relief and recovery efforts for the people affected by the hurricane. The Jones Act waiver announced today will certainly help with that effort. Removing the unwarranted and damaging barriers in the Jones Act will make it easier to deliver the supplies that the island desperately needs.

The Jones Act hurts consumers by limiting choice and increasing the price of fuel, food, consumer products – and everything else that people buy. That damage is felt by all U.S. consumers across the country, but hits most painfully in areas like Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Texas – which rely on shipping for so much of their commerce. The sooner this antiquated law it is fully repealed, the sooner consumers will see relief.”

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