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We Have A New Speaker: Now, It’s Time To Take Shutdowns Off The Table

October 25, 2023

Arlington, VA – The House of Representatives has elected Congressman Mike Johnson as the new Speaker. Now, as the November 17 deadline to avoid a government shutdown nears, The LIBRE Initiative, the largest center-right Latino organization, has said that there is a better way for Congress to stop budgeting and negotiating by crisis. One of the many solutions that will help avoid government shutdowns is the “Prevent Government Shutdowns Act” from Senator James Lankford – which would “would take government shutdowns off the table and force Congress to stay in town until the work is done.” In the House, this bill is being led by Representative Jodey Arrington. 

Jose Mallea, CEO of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement: 

“For far too long Congress has budgeted by crisis and used shutdowns as a negotiating tactic. Using the threat of a government shutdown never leads to better policy for the American people. Congress doesn’t have to continue governing with possible shutdowns around the corner. There is a better way and congress should act now on it. This is why we urge members of congress to support the Prevent Government Shutdowns Act as an important step toward progress.”

To reform the budget process congress should:

  • Create a real budget
  • Use better budget targets
  • Fix entitlement programs on the brink of insolvency
  • Reclaim emergency powers

Learn more here about LIBRE’s position on avoiding government shutdowns.

The LIBRE Initiative is the nation’s largest center-right Latino organization committed to freedom-minded solutions that remove barriers to opportunity and empower individuals.

To schedule an interview with a representative of LIBRE, please email Wadi Gaitan, 301-356-2911 or Israel Ortega, or call (202) 345 -9130.