Americans believe in helping the less fortunate, but while government programs aim to assist families in meeting their daily needs, they fail in lifting the beneficiaries out of poverty. Rather than just providing support at an unsustainable cost to the entire country, these programs should focus on helping Americans return to work and break the cycle of government dependence through the promotion of personal responsibility.

However, many of these programs are, in effect, discouraging the ideas of work and self-sufficiency. Instead, they rely on reckless spending and debt to finance unsustainable and duplicative entitlements that do society more harm than good. By adopting redistributive policies, confiscatory taxation, and subsidizing unemployment, these programs lead to government dependence and perpetuate more of the same.

Social welfare policy must address the causes of poverty and not just its symptoms. The goal should be to promote self-sufficiency and help break the chains of poverty, instead of locking participants in a state of dependence where they remain trapped in the “safety net” for good. Only through the accumulation of capital, wealth creation, hard work, and personal responsibility can people be truly free to pursue their own efforts. Only then, can we strike a blow against poverty and enable the poorest to rise to a higher economic class.



Venezuelan President Claims Victory While Stripping Citizens of Freedoms

After prevailing in an election that was the very antithesis of democracy, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro waved to an empty plaza. As the incumbent, Maduro and his regime imprisoned the opposition, denied free speech and manipulated the election process. To him, though, this is a victory. Watch the stunning video here.  The presidential election held … Read More
Food Crisis Forcing Venezuelans to Eat From Garbage

Food Crisis Forcing Venezuelans to Eat From Garbage

The Panama Post reports that more and more Venezuelans are eating from garbage to stay alive. Reporter Sabrina Martin writes, “The political crisis in Venezuela, food shortages and the decrease of Venezuela’s purchasing power has reportedly caused more than 70 percent of its population to suffer weight loss, pushing many to eat out from garbage … Read More

It’s Time To Share The Dream

Originally published at Fox News Latino. The advent of a New Year typically signals renewal — the portent of spring. But the promise of a “new start” is diminished for many, as millions across America are scrimping to make ends meet.

It’s time to restore value of work, not welfare

(Originally published by the Las Vegas Review Journal) In the wake of Labor Day, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released employment statistics that make last week’s celebration seem premature. The sluggish economy is barely moving, with only a trickle of new job creation and high unemployment rates across the country — with Nevada and the West hardest hit. The numbers don’t tell the full story, however. Unemployment is not only high, but the country’s workers are being deprived of the incentive to work.
When it Comes to Post-recession Housing, Space is Needed for both Baby and Grandma

When it Comes to Post-recession Housing, Space is Needed for both Baby and Grandma

When a recession lingers for so long that a fundamental change in the purchasing patterns of the middle-class occurs – one that goes beyond simply cutting back on life’s little luxuries – it is a huge cause for concern. The uncertain future of an already weak economy is driving a new, growing demand among middle-class Baby Boomers for homes that accommodate three or more generations, known as multigenerational households.