Americans are suffering under the crushing burden of overregulation. Businesses are being strangled by red tape and individuals face vast and growing limitations on personal freedom in nearly every aspect of their lives. Such overregulation limits our freedom and encourages individuals and businesses to circumvent or even alter regulation to their advantage. As rules are drafted, more efforts are put into lobbying Congress and regulatory agencies to tailor rules to special interest groups leaving many more with additional burdens or simply out of the market altogether. Even more frustrating, studies show many of these regulations are ineffective and fail to deliver the benefits they were implemented to produce. Policymakers should exam both new and existing regulations to ensure that each is necessary, beneficial to the marketplace, cost-efficient and beneficial to people’s lives.


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The LIBRE Initiative Commends White House Occupational Licensing Principles

(Arlington, VA) – Recently, the White House announced their “Principles on Workforce Freedom and Mobility” with a focus on reforming occupational licensing laws, or government regulations requiring workers to clear various hurdles before an aspiring person can work in a particular field. The LIBRE Initiative expressed support for the White House’s principles encouraging state lawmakers … Read More
Senate Initially Caves over Ex-Im, But Crony Bank Remains Closed

LIBRE Applauds Bipartisan AG Bill

Earlier this week a bipartisan group of House members introduced a bill that would help to modernize the H-2A agricultural guest worker program, and expand the avenues made available for both temporary and permanent migration of agricultural workers. The Farm Workforce Modernization Act, presented by Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart, Zoe Lofgren, Dan Newhouse, Collin Peterson, Jimmy Panetta, … Read More
Why the 99-year-old Jones Act should be repealed

Why the 99-year-old Jones Act should be repealed

Things that will turn 99 years old this year:  The hair dryer:  The first electric hair dryer was invented in 1920. It was a large machine, containing three vents. Nowadays, salons have smaller, more efficient hair dryers. We can even buy handheld ones for personal use.   The jungle gym:  The first jungle gym was invented … Read More
We Win When We Trade

4 Reasons We All Need Free Trade

America needs free trade. Do you know why? Here are four things you should be aware of:   Free trade promotes job growth. Free trade gives American consumers more access to the best products at competitive prices. Free trade gives American businesses more access to the billions of consumers outside U.S. borders. Free trade is … Read More
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Freedom, Not Tariffs, Will Help American Families

Families are starting to see the benefits of federal tax reform. Around the country, workers are enjoying higher take-home pay. Businesses are handing out bonuses, raises and expanded benefits. But recently announced tariffs would hurt countless families across the country and undermine the benefits of federal tax reform. Adding new taxes on imported steel and … Read More