A free market economy provides a strong and healthy environment that promotes innovation, business development and job creation.

While the recession officially ended in 2009, American economic growth is still weak and not growing at the rate necessary to return us to healthy levels. Our national gross domestic product (GDP) remains low and unemployment remains high. Job creation is improving, but still below the number needed to get Americans back to work. Many economists attribute the slow recovery to uncertainty in the market place due to increased taxes and looming regulations from the federal government, such as those in the Affordable Care Act.

A lagging economy not only affects the number of jobs available, but also the quality of those jobs. Those able to find employment are increasingly filling positions below their skill level – negatively affecting their professional development, motivation, and earning potential. This, in turn, leads to greater issues of wealth disparity, impacting an individual’s ability to prepare for retirement or own a home.

The federal and local government should lessen their grips on the economy and decrease their intervention in the private sector to allow for a free market economy in which Americans flourish, spur innovation and drive job creation. America’s free market system – when unrestrained by needless regulation, excessive taxation, and government cronyism – is proven to be the fairest and best economic system in the world because its ultimate beneficiary is every individual who aspires, works hard, and desires freedom.


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Tax Reform’s Positive Impact on Economic Growth and the Hispanic Community

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Infrastructure Reforms Will Benefit Latino Workers

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VENEZUELA: It’s worse than you think.

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