In recent years, the Hispanic community experienced tremendous economic strength as a result of numerous pro-growth federal policies that empowered individuals to build a better future for themselves and their families.  

Following the health and economic crisis in our country, it is imperative lawmakers continue to reduce barriers to opportunity. They can do so by:  

  • Stopping overspending, bailouts, and cronyism: In times of crisis, blanket approaches to government spending, like bailouts and spending proposals filled with items unrelated to relief, won’t help spur economic recovery when Americans need it most. Instead, Congress should act as good stewards of our hard-earned tax dollars by ensuring any spending is timely and relevant to the problems at hand.  
  • Removing barriers to work: The COVID-19 pandemic has put new strains on the economy and disrupted the lives of millions of Latinos across the nation. Policymakers should remove artificial barriers, unleash innovation, and support more work flexibility so people can pursue opportunities to improve their lives in a way that best fits their circumstances. 
  • Resisting regulatory actions detrimental to hardworking individuals, families, and entrepreneurs: Lawmakers should ensure any regulations issued are streamlined to address legitimate economic or social problems and be objective, non-discriminatory, and not more stringent than strictly necessary. 
  • Addressing financial regulations and increasing access to capital: Obtaining a loan and accessing capital is usually the first step for individuals trying to make their dreams a reality. Yet, too often, financial compliance and regulations needlessly limit access to capital. Congress should suspend, eliminate, or right-size the financial, accounting, and reporting requirements that stand in the way of economic recovery. 
  • Promoting entrepreneurial approaches to energy and environmental innovation: Environmental and climate regulations that constrain choice and replace what works for families with what works for politicians hurt the most vulnerable citizens. Energy enables economic opportunity and mobility and is the linchpin for individuals to escape energy poverty. Congress should oppose actions to prohibit certain energy technologies, revoke or withhold permits for energy infrastructure, impose costly taxes on carbon emissions, or implement other harmful policies. 


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