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How my family plans to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

How my family plans to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

By Israel Ortega

To me, Hispanic Heritage Month is a reminder of part of what makes this country unique and special. Unlike other countries formed around geography, ethnicity or even religion, ours was founded on a set of ideas.

Among the ideas that gave rise to this country include: freedom, equality, and the freedom to pursue happiness.

I am convinced that these ideas have led to our country’s success and prosperity.

And they are the reasons why my family and I immigrated to this country when I was young – and why so many folks from all over the world, including Latin America, have come here for generations.

For this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month, my family and I are doing a culinary tour of Latin American countries. We will enjoy savory Spanish tapas, feast on Mexican food and appreciate yummy Peruvian cuisine, just to name a few.

My hope is to pass on my love for Latin America’s diversity and rich history to my three school-aged children, and impress upon them how incredibly fortunate we are to live in a country that is inclusive and abundant in opportunity.

Israel Ortega is national spokesperson for The LIBRE Initiative

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