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Individual Mandate is the Wrong Approach to Healthcare Reform

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July 17, 2013
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Individual Mandate is the Wrong Approach to Healthcare Reform

Reform Should Expand Choice, Lower Premiums, Protect Consumers


(Washington, D.C.) – Today, the House of Representatives will vote on legislation to affirm the one year reprieve from the employer mandate that President Obama has granted to large American employers, and on legislation to extend the same protection to consumers. The LIBRE Initiative encourages Members of Congress to re-examine health care and promote pro-consumer, pro-patient reforms for all Americans.


Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

“In 2008, Senator Obama proposed health care reform that increased competition, lowered premiums, and expanded consumer choice. He assured that people who liked their health care could keep it, and that all Americans would benefit from a better set of options than before. But today, all Americans are burdened by a system that is leading to cancellation of policies for many people, and imposes increasing tax penalties on many who just can’t afford insurance – while protecting the right of employers to cancel coverage for workers. And what’s worse, many small business owners are forced to reduce payrolls to comply with the health care law. There is no doubt that an individual mandate is the wrong approach to deal with the personal matter of health insurance. There has to be a better way – one built on the campaign promises the President made.”

To speak to a LIBRE representative please contact: Judy Pino, 202-578-6424 or Brian Faughnan, 571-257-3309