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Immigration Reform Could Become a Reality this Year


Immigration Reform Could Become a Reality this Year
Americans Call for a Solution to the Immigration Situation 

(Washington, D.C.) – Over the past few weeks there have been numerous reports indicating leaders in the House of Representatives may bring immigration reform plans to a vote this year. Leaders have spoken of a "grand bargain" that would improve the e-verify system, reform worker visas, and expand opportunities for international students – while enforcing the laws and deterring illegal immigration. 

Meanwhile, immigration activists have been fervently calling on the president to put an end to what they call a "family-separation crisis." Last Monday, the National People's Action network organized a sit-in outside of the White House to protest the Administration's staggering deportation numbers and expressing their frustration with the failure of the administration to achieve immigration reform. 

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement: 

"America as a nation has greatly benefitted from the contribution of immigrants throughout its history. Today the system is broken, and bipartisan reform is long overdue. Individuals who wish to contribute to our society and economy should be allowed to do so. Leaders in Washington should work together on market-based, employment-driven reforms, while addressing the challenge of children brought here through no fault of their own, improving enforcement, and dealing with the 11 million here without legal status. 

A majority of Americans have continually called for both sides to come together and drive effective, long-lasting reform that looks past the political interests of either party and the loud, unhelpful rhetoric of those who would rather preserve the status-quo. Instead of politicizing the issue of immigration reform, politicians must work together. Economic opportunity is the foundation of the American dream, and the number one priority should be to preserve and promote access for all those who are willing to work hard to achieve it."

Through the ESTAMOS CONTIGO (We are With You) campaign for immigration reform, The LIBRE Initiative is providing an avenue for constituents to reach out to their Senators and Representative in Congress to work together to pass immigration reform legislation that is employment-based and market-driven. Read more about LIBRE's Statement of Principles on Immigration Reform

For interviews with a LIBRE representative, please contact: Brian Faughnan, 703-678-4581 or Steven Cruz, 202-578-6173.