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New York Post Runs LIBRE’s Op-Ed on the Looming not-so-good, “Noche Buena”

December 18, 2023

Jose Mallea, The LIBRE Initiative’s CEO, published an opinion column on the effects Bidenomics is having on Latino families during the holidays. By all measurable metrics, Latinos throughout the country are worse off this Christmas than they were last year. 

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The article reads in part:

“Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be one of the most expensive.

Making merry with friends and family, surprising one’s children on Christmas morning, and creating memories that will last a lifetime are worth every penny. 

But they can cost a lot of pennies.

Which is why when Hispanic American families sit at the table this year to celebrate “Noche Buena” they will be well aware that the Biden economy is not working for them.

In the nearly three years since President Joe Biden took office, Bidenomics has driven up the cost of just about everything, resulting in holiday economic woes.

But a quick listen to pro-Biden media pundits would suggest that the economy is not only humming along swimmingly, but that good times are here to stay.

Indeed so intense is this disinformation effort that America’s economic malaise is being dismissed as a mere “vibecession.”

Folks feeling the pinch are being gas-lit into thinking that the tough times are simply in their heads….

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Latino unemployment is up to 4.9% from 3.8%. Inflation has grown by a staggering 17% while wages only rose by 13%. The piece highlights the various aspects of Latino’s lives that are affected by an economy that continues to struggle under the Biden administration. Additionally, and worrisome for those in the administration, Latinos, the fastest growing voting bloc, are taking notice.

The piece comes at a time when most of the administration’s supporters and pundit class are making the rounds on TV networks and radio to gaslight Americans into believing that the economy isn’t in the gutter. Latinos aren’t buying Biden’s rosy rhetoric, because Bidenomics is moving the essentials increasingly out of reach. 

Jose Mallea is the Chief Executive Officer of The LIBRE Initiative, the nation’s largest center-right Latino organization committed to freedom-minded solutions that remove barriers to opportunity and empower individuals.   

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