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ICYMI: New York Post runs Immigration Op-ed Penned by Daniel Garza and Sam Peak 

ICYMI: New York Post runs Immigration Op-ed Penned by Daniel Garza and Sam Peak 

Op-ed highlights how Biden policies is hurting migrants and small businesses 

ARLINGTON, VA — The New York Post published an Op-ed by The LIBRE Initiative’s President Daniel Garza and American for Prosperity’s Sr. Policy Analyst Sam Peak highlighting the impact the White House’s H2 Visa rules are having on small businesses and migrants. 

The New York Post’s article reads in part: 

President Biden’s decision last week to shield 470,000 Venezuelans from deportation is yet another consequence of his abysmal handling of the nation’s ongoing migrant crisis.

At least it has the benefit of also being consistent: Biden’s most recent migrant policies have been a master class in how to worsen the multiple problems behind his dismal polling numbers.

Burrowed among them is the White House’s recent sabotage of the H-2A and H-2B visa programs — which help employers legally recruit seasonal workers, such as farm-hands and landscapers. 

Under the recent Biden rules, upstate farmers still using the H-2A program could lose tens of thousands of dollars next season.  

Increased legal costs along with triple the paperwork and mandatory employee tracking systems are just some of the new expenditures. 

Large farms will likely pass the costs on to consumers while many of their smaller counterparts will inevitably shut down – since US workers mostly refuse to fill farm roles.  


Biden can address two massive political problems — inflation, and the surge at our southern borders — by making H-2 visas truly attainable. Illegal migration would decline, replaced by migration that is orderly, fair and benefits local tax bases.

Fixing these problems could not be more obvious for businesses struggling to fill jobs and stay afloat (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t involve more arbitrary concessions for Venezuelans or any other group).

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