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ICYMI: LIBRE Southwest Spokesperson, Ronald Najarro: “It’s time to restore value of work, not welfare”

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LIBRE Southwest Spokesperson, Ronald Najarro: "It's time to restore value of work, not welfare," published in Las Vegas Review Journal

(Las Vegas, NV) – LIBRE Southwest Spokesperson, Ronald Najarro, recently authored an op-ed published in the Las Vegas Review Journal. The editorial looks at how generous some state tax-payer funded welfare programs can be therefore creating a disincentive phenomenon trending nationwide to seek and accept employment.

Read excerpts from Ronald Najarro's op-ed in today's  Las Vegas Review Journal:

"Incentivizing people to depend on the government through programs such as welfare, without a path to employment, is troublesome to society and a betrayal of the American dream. Right now, welfare recipients in 11 states can earn more than the pretax salary of a first year teacher. In 39 states, they receive more than a starting wage for a secretary, and in the three most generous states, a person on welfare can take home a salary higher than that of an entry-level computer programmer. In Nevada, a person on welfare can claim a salary of as much as $31,527 per year."


"These benefits are becoming unsustainable for state and local taxpayers, who already pay more than $668 billion annually. The benefits are also unsustainable to job creators and small businesses, forcing them to compete against not only a stagnant economy and new regulations such as ObamaCare, but also a welfare system that lures a potential workforce with incentives to turn down employment and begin a life of dependency on big government."


"In a recent conversation with a Nevada small business owner who is considering selling or closing down his nail and beauty salon in a predominantly Latino community on the east side of Las Vegas, I discovered that while business is slower than usual due to the weak economy, that is the least of this businessman's problems. The bigger issue is losing customers because he cannot find the personnel to accommodate demand.You would think in a state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, finding workers would be easy. But that is not the case. This begs the question: Are states such as Nevada suffering high unemployment because of the ongoing recession, or has taxpayer-funded welfare taken away an important incentive to find a job and ultimately build a better life?"


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