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ICYMI: The LIBRE Initiative DREAMer Op-ed in USA Today

(Washington, D.C.) – Yesterday, Daniel Garza, The LIBRE Initiative President, penned an op-ed on USA Today highlighting the need for Congress to act on the current opportunity to provide certainty for Dreamers and improve our security.

USA Today: Meet Trump in the middle.
Come to the table and protect ‘dreamers.’

The time is now to enhance our security and promote economic opportunity.

It is time to take the first step on immigration reform.

With no major reforms since 1986, our federal immigration laws must be updated. To enhance security, boost the economy, and deal fairly with immigrants seeking to build the American dream. For too long, Washington has avoided the hard work that comes with negotiating and compromising.

In the absence of reform, the number of immigrants living outside of our laws has exploded. Our economy has suffered as employers who can’t find willing U.S. workers have been prevented from hiring immigrants, or put themselves and their workers at risk by hiring them illegally.

Addressing ‘dreamers’ first

These individuals were brought here as children. They know no other home than the United States — with many not even speaking the language of the country from which they followed their parents.

They are law-abiding students, workers, and men and women serving in the armed forces. They are here trying to build better lives for themselves and their families, and they are making this country better, too.

Right now, a mishmash of outdated and unworkable immigration laws hampers the competitiveness of American companies. And consider that without legislative action, U.S. employers will have to terminate nearly 7,000 DACA-participating employees every week — at a cost of $61 million each week.

Congress and the president have the opportunity right now to take the first step towards addressing these important issues: protecting dreamers, enhancing security, and boosting our economy.

Read the entire op-ed here

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