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ICYMI: Daniel Garza Joined Fox Business to Talk the Latest on Border Security and Hispanic Unemployment Numbers

(Arlington, VA)—Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, appeared on Fox Business’ Varney & CO. to talk about border security and low Hispanic unemployment numbers.


Watch the interview here.


Daniel Garza on Fox Business


The general immigrant population is naturally entrepreneurial, they’re seeking that American Dream, that opportunity to leverage their skills and their talents and bring them to bear in the marketplace. And if we could just remove a lot of barriers, watch them grow, watch them create wealth like other immigrants have before them in the past.




Hispanics are like other Americans, we are very compassionate and very generous when it comes to the immigrant population. But at the same time, there need to be order. There needs to be order at the border. Latinos, just like the rest of America, are demanding that of our politicians, but for that we need reform.



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