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ICYMI: Daniel Garza on Government Shutdown and Immigration Policy

(Washington, DC)—This morning, Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, appeared on C-SPAN to talk about a solution to the government shutdown that would include permanent protection for the Dreamers and border security funding. Below find excerpts from the interview. Watch the full interview here.

Daniel on C-SPAN

“We feel that immigration is good. It’s good for America. It makes us stronger, it always has. Over the arc of history over 200 million immigrants have come to America and they have created wealth for themselves and wealth for our nation. And so we want to continue that and accommodate for a flow of immigrants that can make America stronger and richer. We see an opportunity here where the President’s priorities can be leveraged to gain the priority of those on the other side which is Dreamers.”


“What’s really at stake here are the lives of 1.8 million kids and also American might and American security. And that’s what matters and that’s why we have to hold Congress accountable and have them resolve these issues. And you can resolve these two issues at one time.”


Watch the full interview here.