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ICYMI: Daniel Garza: A Fair Alternative to Obamacare

***In Case You Missed It***
LIBRE Executive Director Daniel Garza:
A Fair Alternative to Obamacare

(Washington, D.C)– Read excerpts below of Daniel Garza's op-ed published at Fox News Latino:

While many feel slighted with a "glitchy" website, the Latino community has been utterly dismissed. That's because if you speak only Spanish, the Administration didn't even bother to fully rollout an ObamaCare website for you. Yet, something tells me they won't have any difficulties sending us the penalty notice for not signing up – in Spanish.

President Obama promised that his health reform plan would lower health costs, expand choice, and improve quality of care. Yet, as the program is unveiled – piece by broken piece – none of these promises are materializing. Americans are losing full-time employment, millions have been dropped from their employer insurance rolls, and many doctors won't participate.


But it's not enough to cite the flaws with the law; conservatives should offer something better, now, while we are still at a crossroads. To that end, real reform should build on the best of the current system, and go back to the "American way" of doing things. Medical care must put the customer first, and allow government a limited role.


Ultimately, if we are to be a thriving and healthy society we must still be that country where entrepreneurs compete by constantly improving customer service, charging competitive prices, and innovating in order to achieve the trust and loyalty of their customer base. Putting government regulators in charge leaves too many Americans behind – including those who speak Spanish, and the millions who are losing their policies. We need a better approach


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