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How Univision and the White House Reconciled After “Softball” Trump Interview

April 1, 2024

 …Biden now has the opportunity—as he did during a southwest swing in March—to reintroduce himself to Latino voters and tout his administration’s work on everything from capped insulin costs to infrastructure law and major small business growth.

Kristian Ramos, a Democratic strategist, said research from progressive donor network Way to Win shows “Latinos have no idea what the president has done,” but also that Spanish-speaking Latinos support Biden at higher levels.

“The opportunity here is to underline and articulate how the president has made their lives better, from job creation to lower health care costs,” he said. “What’s missing from this campaign is something aspirational and forward-looking,” he added, citing a White House fact sheet from earlier this year that showed the share of Latino households owning a business had increased by 40%. (Axios recently cited a UCLA analysis of federal labor statistics and census data that found Latinos “had staggeringly higher rates of new business ownership than any other racial or ethnic group.”)

Originally Published in Vanity Fair