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House Proposes Funding Transportation Without Tax Increases


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House Proposes Funding Transportation Without Tax Increases

Fiscal Responsibility Should be a Bipartisan Priority

(Washington, D.C.) – Despite calls for tax increases from some in Washington, leaders in the House of Representatives have put forth a six-year transportation funding plan that finances infrastructure spending without new or increased taxes. The proposal uses savings from the Postal Service – including rolling back Saturday postal delivery, and recovering other unspent funds – to ensure roads and bridges are funded past August, when funding could otherwise run out. By contrast, the White House has called for tax increases to keep the program financed.

While there is opposition to this House proposal, some in Congress argue that this plan can be the framework for a bipartisan agreement. Importantly, it does not require hard-pressed American families to pay more in taxes. With 59 percent of millennials now reporting that they feel the American dream is unattainable, it’s imperative for elected officials to address the needs of the nation without forcing hard-working families to pay even more. The plan on the table also responds to the 70 percent who believe the country is headed in the wrong direction when it comes to reducing taxes and government spending.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

 “Congress and the president should work together on a plan that pays for transportation and infrastructure development without further indebting the country or mortgaging the future of young Americans. We have blindly followed promises for an economic stimulus that has cost the country $800 billion, but failed to help the economy, spur growth or significantly improve our narration’s transportation infrastructure. Washington cannot presume to impose new tax increases or deficit spending at a time when so many families have made serious cuts to their own personal budgets.

People are disenchanted with the direction of the country and too many now say the American dream has become impossible for them to achieve. Instead of resorting to the tired practice of taxing more to spend more, elected officials need to work on tackling America’s priorities within a budget and deliver on their promises.”

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