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Hispanic Children in Poverty above National Average


Hispanic Children in Poverty above National Average 

(Washington D.C.) – The Annie E. Casey Foundation recently released their Kids Count report which indicates that 22 percent of children are in poverty in the U.S. Among Hispanic children the number is 50 percent higher, at 33 percent. The report goes on to show that Latino children continue to grow up — disproportionately — in high-poverty neighborhoods and economically unstable families. The weak labor market for workers with limited educational achievement, according to Kids Count, remains one of the main obstacles to reducing economic hardships among children and families.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“The persistent problem of children growing up in poverty is one that Washington has done little to really address. This report shows that the job market has played a key role in the economic hardships families are facing – hurting our community most of all. Unemployment among Hispanics is currently above the national average at 6.6 percent.

We’re constantly hearing how our economy is recovering from the recession but the numbers that make a difference in people’s lives — like employment and wages – are still bleak for many across the country, and particularly for Hispanics. Still, some in Washington want to consider policies that would hurt those most in need — like higher taxation, costlier insurance, and increased energy costs — which would widen the gap in economic achievement in the country. Lawmakers need to incentivize growth in the private sector and reduce the burden on taxpayers that are footing the bill for expanded government. We need policies that will lift people from poverty, not condemn them into it in perpetuity.”

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