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Healthcare Law Impacting Ambulances, Police, Universities, and other Government Services


Healthcare Law Impacting Ambulances, Police, Universities, and other Government Services
Cities, Counties, Universities Cut Worker Hours   

(Washington, D.C.) – As implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare has continued, unintended and painful effects appear to be becoming the rule rather than the exception. The most recent is the news that the law is leading to less work opportunity for government employees. Cities, counties and other public sector institutions like community colleges are reducing the working hours of part-time employees to avoid having to provide them with health insurance. These decisions are being made due to the increased cost of health care – which is forcing them to choose between reducing services, raising taxes and fees, or limiting exposure to these inflated health care costs. 

Cities and counties have turned to cuts that are damaging critical services such as ambulance response times and law enforcement. The University of North Carolina is projecting a cost increase of $47 million per year due to the effects of the health care law. In Indiana's Vigo County, the school superintendent has reduced field trips for children and cut back transportation to athletic events. Some school districts are reducing hours of substitutes teachers – to ensure they do not receive costly health care benefits. 

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement: 

"We continue to see the painful impact of Obamacare affecting our communities – now making public sector employers at all levels to react to a law that operates as an unfunded mandate -forcing state and local taxpayers to foot the bill for Washington's 'generosity.' Americans count on their mayors, university presidents, and state officials to hold the line on taxes while delivering quality services that people count on. Now these officials are dealing with a surprise cost increase imposed by Washington. Instead of being able to use scarce dollars to address the priorities of their constituents, they're paying for Washington's mistakes. This has become the norm for this disastrous law. It continues to under-deliver and disappoint. 

The administration needs to re-examine its priorities and not get in the way of life-saving services like law enforcement and ambulances. Washington should allow people to work and prosper instead of putting additional roadblocks and burdens in their way. That's true for private sector workers dealing with the unexpected consequences of the ACA, but also for government workers and the important services they provide."

Learn more about "The Accountability Project" campaign and LIBRE's efforts to keep elected officials accountable for supporting the flawed Obamacare law that is causing families everywhere to lose their current health care plan and lose their full time jobs. They are elected to make the right decisions for the people – let's keep them accountable.

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