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Health Care Law Complicates Tax Filing


Health Care Law Complicates Tax Filing

More Unintended Consequences Arise  

(Washington, D.C.) – As tax day approaches, experts warn that next year's tax filings will be made much more complex by the provision of the new health care law which imposes tax penalties on those who do not buy insurance. While the president has lifted the mandate that penalizes employers who do not provide insurance, he has not granted the same blanket relief to individual taxpayers. Many will have to wade through the confusing provisions of the law as they try to provide documentation of insurance coverage in order to avoid paying the associated penalties. There is also likely to be significant uncertainty about who may be exempt from the rule. While officials say the personal mandate will not be delayed, the Administration has quietly published broad exceptions to the rule. 

The individual mandate is described as the cornerstone of the healthcare law, requiring consumers to purchase coverage or face a penalty. The Congressional Budget Office found that 13 million Americans would choose not to obtain insurance under Obamacare if not for this mandate and tax. Meanwhile, the Administration has already delayed the implementation of the law 13 times as they continue to try to get past problems and try to convince young people, particularly Hispanics, to obtain coverage, in order to offset the costs of older Americans. 

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

"As more time passes, issues continue to arise from the failed implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Numerous delays, skyrocketing premiums, confusing requirements and persistent sales pressure are the most obvious results of the health care law so far. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that people are rejecting Obamacare, and that many prefer to pay the penalty than to subject themselves to a government mandated system run by bureaucrats.

These unintended consequences are what happens when a president decides to go at it alone, instead of working with the legislature to serve the interest of all. The American people are suffering and their personal freedom is being eroded. It is time for the Administration to return healthcare decisions to the people and allow them to make their own choices."

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