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Hablando Claro with Jorge Villamizar

July 3, 2024

Get ready for an enthralling episode of “Sabor a Freedom” as we set sail with Jorge Villamizar, the acclaimed member of the Grammy-winning band Bacilos. Join our host César Grajales on Jorge’s sailboat for a conversation that explores deep and resonant themes in today’s cultural and political landscape.

Jorge Villamizar is not only a renowned musician but also an outspoken advocate for freedom of speech and artistic expression. In this fourth episode, he candidly discusses the perils of communist ideologies that still influence much of the world today. He opens up about the challenges faced by those who dare to criticize these systems, often being derogatorily labeled as ‘Facho’ for their opposition.

In addition to these powerful discussions, Jorge reflects on his hit “Mi Primer Millón.” This song is not just a milestone in his career but also an allegory for the unique opportunities that he believes are available in places like the United States, where dreams can be pursued with fewer restrictions.

This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the intersection of music, politics, and personal freedom. Jorge’s insights into the complexities of expressing one’s beliefs in a world where ideological opposition can often lead to severe backlash are both enlightening and inspiring.

Tune in to hear Jorge’s personal experiences and thoughts on how artists navigate the choppy waters of politics and expression. Whether you’re a fan of Latin music, an advocate for free speech, or someone curious about the ongoing impact of communist ideologies, this episode has something for you.

Don’t miss out on this compelling journey with Jorge Villamizar—where music meets freedom, and powerful conversations ignite. Join us for Episode 4 of “Sabor a Freedom” and be part of a dialogue that’s more relevant today than ever.