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Valentine’s Day Dinner for Widows

Start time 2024-02-12 18:00
Finished Time 2024-02-12 20:00
Address San Antonio, TX

2/12 You are not alone….

Join us in a night of love and laughter at our Valentine’s Dinner exclusively crafted for widows & widowers. Join us in a heart warming evening filled with Sarita’s exquisite Mexican cuisine, delightful company and the joy of shared stories. Let’s celebrate the strength of love for our community and cherish beautiful moments together. No cost for our special guests (widows).

The LIBRE Initiative will honor widows in special ways to show you are vital to the heartbeat of our community.

Please RSVP for your free ticket today.

Special speakers, give aways, and empowering words to remind you that you are not alone.

Sarita’s Mexican Restaurant
2235 Lockhill Selma Rd, San Antonio, TX

February 12, 2024
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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