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Governor Walker Signs Occupational Licensing Reforms

(Madison, WI) – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has signed into law reforms approved by the State Assembly and Senate, which remove barriers to job opportunities. The two pieces of legislation include provisions to eliminate a 4,000 hour practice requirement for cosmetologists, barbers, aestheticians, and manicurists, eliminate most continuing education requirements, and allow licensed practitioners – under specified conditions – to practice outside of a licensed establishment.

Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“Hispanics in Wisconsin – and across the nation – are calling on policymakers to enact reforms that remove unjustifiable barriers that prevent them from building better lives. When the government imposes burdensome regulations that prevent talented and entrepreneurial people from working, it hurts families and weakens our economy and nation. We are happy to see Wisconsin moving in the right direction. These bills, SB 108 and SB 109, will make it easier for barbers and cosmetologists to make a living. We applaud these sensible efforts, which will enable more people to build their American Dream.”

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