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Garza: “Anti-immigration efforts increase size of government”

Garza: "Anti-immigration efforts increase size of government"

MEDIA CONTACT: Judy Pino, 202-578-6424 (Washington, DC)- LIBRE’s Executive Director, Daniel Garza, describes the current efforts to reform our immigration system as vastly superior to the status quo in his latest opinion piece, “Anti-immigration efforts would increase the size of government”, published in The American Spectator. Read excerpts below: “What we should do is enforce current law!” – It’s a simple-minded rejoinder chortled by many an American at public meetings, on social media, and on talk radio in resistance to immigration reform efforts currently under way. But anyone who shares a fear and loathing towards the growing power in the size and scope of government, as I do, should reject this tired and worn cliché exactly because of what enforcement of the current 1986 law calls for.” “…this “police state” approach authorized by the deeply flawed 1986 immigration law would mean wholesale detention and arrest of millions of American citizens, apprehension of millions of otherwise industrious and opportunity-seeking people, millions of divided families, millions of entry-level jobs going unfilled, a rise in search and seizure activity, an overburdened court system, ample opportunity for the violation of civil rights, and the complete implosion of the American economy – all of it needlessly.” "Instead, we should move now to legalize the relationship between employer and employee. We can make allowances for American businesses to respond effectively to market forces by providing them the freedom to hire whomever they need in order to earn profit." “To call for enforcement of our current obsolete and impractical immigration law is to encourage guaranteed chaos that we are just not prepared for. While the newly proposed Senate bill currently undergoes markups on the Hill- even without a single improvement – the proposed fixes are vastly superior to the currently law in the books.” Click here to read the entire article. For interviews, please contact: Judy Pino, 202-578-6424