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Gallup: Obama Popularity Plummeting Among Hispanics

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Gallup: Obama Popularity Plummeting Among Hispanics
Broken Promises on Immigration, the Economy, Health Care

(Washington, D.C.) – According to the latest Gallup survey, President Obama's popularity has fallen to just 41 percent – a decline of 12 percentage points in the last year. Among Latinos however, the drop in approval has been far sharper: falling 23 points over the same time period. Gallup did not probe respondents to determine why their views have changed, but recent polling from Quinnipiac confirms that just 44 percent of Hispanics approve of the President's health care law. Additionally, it is clear that the slow economy, the lack of economic opportunity, and the President's failure to keep his campaign promise on immigration reform have hurt him in the Hispanic community. (Candidate Obama vowed to tackle immigration reform in his first year in office, but instead waited until after he was re-elected before pushing for enactment.)

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

"The dramatic drop in support from the U.S. Hispanic community should not come as a surprise to anyone. Instead of effectively addressing immigration, the slow economy, the lack of access to affordable care, and other critical issues over these past five years, President Obama has delivered mostly empty rhetoric and a record of stagnant unemployment, diminished household incomes and a tepid GDP growth rate. Americans deserve better.

It is not too late for a real agenda focused on private sector job growth, market-based health reform that empowers doctors and patients, and true bipartisan cooperation on immigration reform. For too long now Hispanics have been called on by this Administration for political points, and our community is tired of the broken promises and bad policies that have left many of us worse off."

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