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FOX & Friends: LIBRE Poll Shows Latinos Have Negative View of Economy

FOX & Friends: LIBRE Poll Shows Latinos Have Negative View of Economy

This Weekend, FOX and Friends Saturday hosted Daniel Garza to discuss a new poll commissioned by The LIBRE Institute on the views of the Latino community on key topics impacting our community. Topics include: the economy, health care, immigration, President Biden and many more.

Here are a few toplines of the Survey conducted by The LIBRE Institute:

  • 79 percent of Latinos have a negative view about the economy.
  • 71 percent of Latinos say that our country is on the wrong track
  • Inflation, jobs & the economy are the most important issues for Latinos – this is consistent across party and ideological lines.
  • Hispanic voters give the economy poor marks: 79%
  • Hispanic voters are pessimistic about the economy: By two to one, Hispanics say the economy will get worse next year.
  • 80 percent of Hispanics say that they are concerned that America is declining and that their children won’t enjoy the same opportunities they did.
  • 84% of Hispanics said that inflation has had a negative impact on their quality of life – meaning that they are more anxious about their future.

Watch Interview Here:

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